In December 2011 I spent 4 days in Beijing.

This brief encouter with China made me sure that I want to go to China for at least 6 months to live and work. And to do that in 2013, I decided to learn Chinese in 2012.

I started in December 2011 – alone, at home.
In January I started a course but I gave it up after one month.
February and March were lazy and busy in turns, but now it’s April, quite late. I should know around 300 words, but I cannot remember all of them. To avoid any more time passing through my fingers I decided to establish this blog – to motivate myself, to find a motivating audience of other learners, and to be able to track my work in the future.

Soon I will provide some descriptions of my proceedings previous proceedings and in a week’s time I should start writing about my current work.

I hope that someone will read it and become my motivator. I can be one to! I will definitely share the best sources I find and the methods that work for me and I will appreciate all advice that I can get from you!

Oh, and I am quite into film and culture, so I’ll try to add some info about interesting movies etc.This building on a rock (in the Forbidden City) is the metaphor of my goal. Learning Chinese is like a mysterious building on a rock. But I will make it!



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