words, signs, phrases 1

In this series you will find all the words that I should know in Chinese. Go ahead and check me when you meet me on the street. Surprise me. Text me. Call me. Ask me. I need motivation!

To begin with, the vocabulary from the first lesson of Learn to Speak Chinese:

你 – nǐ – you
好 – hǎo – good, well
先生 – xiān sheng – Mr, sir
您 – nín – you (formal)
小姐 – xiǎo jie – Miss (do not confuse with: xiǎo jiě – to urinate)
太太 – tài tai – Mrs.
同学 – tóng xué – classmate
老师 – lǎo shī – teacher
吗 – ma – /question tag/
我 – wǒ – I, me, myself (would My, myself and Irene be: wo, wo he Irene?)
很 – hěn – very
怎么样 – zěn me yàng – how? how about?
也 – yě – also, too
再见 – zài jiàn – goodbye


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