Step 2 – Chinese school

I started a beginner’s intensive course in Warsaw. The teacher was Chinese and taught us in English. She was a very nice lady, Mrs. Yang. Unfortunately she was very conservative in her way of teaching and at all times she stuck to a schedule she had.

On the first lesson there were 6 of us. Soon only 3 people remained. One used to work in Hong Kong and wanted to learn Chinese just to know it (or at least so he claimed). The other was a young student and wanted to learn Chinese just to know it (or at least so she claimed). So I was the only one who wanted to use Chinese for travel and, most of all, for work. As you can imagine, I was also the only super-motivated person in the group.

We met 4 times a week and I expected miracles. Unfortunately I was the one to devote the most time for learning.

My dream of a really intensive course with really motivated people collapsed. I realised that learning at home would be much more time and cost effective.

The couse finished after 1 month. I did not continue.


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