The Method

The method turned out to be very simple. I just needed 2 pieces of information to guide me. And I got them form the book.

1. It was clearly expressed how important radicals are. Result? I threw away my books and focused on learning all of them.

2. Mr. Giles also explained the construction of phrases.
果 guǒ  means fruit.
So does:
水果 shuǐ guǒ
Hundreds of words are the same – you can express something using just one sign or two signs. At first I thought that it’s better to learn the single-sign word. Thanks to Mr. Giles I know that it’s MUCH better and more useful to learn the two-sign words.

I know – it’s nothing much. But these two thing changes my learning process completely 🙂
And I found help at Mandarin Poster.


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