Today I found a new tool! http://www.nciku.com offers a lot. My favourite option is the vocabulary learning system. There are quizzes, questionaires, flashcards, dictations – a whole lot of things that you can do with your vocabulary lists!

But I am standing firmly. Today I’ve memorised 10 new words (and radicals at the same time).

巾 – jīn – cloth, scarf
干 – gān – shield
幺 – yāo – short, little
玄 – xuán – dark
禸 – róu – tail
石 – shí – stone
竹 – zhú – bamboo
网 – wǎng – net
糸 – mì – silk
艸 – cǎo – grass

I like the “tail” best. It really looks like a tail. A pig’s tail 🙂


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