All radicals green!

And here is the proof:

On the last picture you can see that some radicals are not green. That is because the second list differs slightly form the 5-page one that I focused on. It was very helpful when it came to practicing and memorizing words, but I based my challenge on the longer list and now I can gladly announce that it’s done 🙂

What next?
Every day I will have to work hard in order not to forget these 213 radicals!
But apart form that I am going to the New Practical Chinese Reader, to lesson 8, where I left it. Now I have to build sentences and memorize them. And learn lots of new words 🙂

I have also found a great Chinese radio source. I’ve been looking for something like that for quite a long time – an easy to use free online radio service with as much talk as possible. I have found the Chinese radio list at The website offers a list of broadcasters. All you have to do is choose something and click the Listen button.

A simple player will pop up:

I’ve been listening to this radio half the day and it’s fantastic. The Chinese is slowly changing in my head – from something “different” to a completely normal language. Listening has always been THE technique for me. I hope that it will be as useful in Chinese as it was with English, German and Italian!


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