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As I wrote previously I’m done with the radicals and decided to go back to my New Practical Chinese Reader book. Volume 1. Which I did, but it turned out that the book is not enough for me. Of course, I do have the CD and the workbook – and all of this is very useful. But that is not enough.

I am ambitious and I want to learn Chinese in 1 year!

So I need something more. The books are great gadgets, but when you want to use every possible moment of the day – they are useless. Heavy and big.

I decided to create daily sheets of 10 words a day, so that when I’m out of home I can always carry them with me and learn new words by heart. It took some time and some effort:

But finally I found a way to prepare a 10 word sheet with new vocabulary and sentences.
The sheet has to enable me to:

  • see only the Chinese signs
  • see only the pinyin
  • see only the English translation
  • see all 3 of them
  • see any given pair

Reaching this turned out to be quite easy. I just had to prepare the words in 3 columns. At the beginning I just read what’s on the sheet:

Then I fold the sheet – roughly where I drew the green lines. I get a very useful triangle:

I can put it on my desk, turn around and chceck my knowlegle. I can also unfold it whenever I want or need to do it and see all the 3 columns. But I can also fold it a bit more when I want to focus only on the vocabulary, or when I’m leaving home and I need something small:

What about writing? I learn best by writing new characters so I couldn’t have forgotten about this important aspect! I usually write at home in my huge notebook. But if you cannot do this at home and you don’t want to carry your notebook you need a special sheet. I found a great website that enables you to paste your own list of words and get a neat writing sheet. You can do this at their website: Hanlexon Chinese.

Want to test yourself? I have also prepared a vocabulary test sheet. 🙂 It’s easy to use, but in case you have any questions, I hope this slideshow will answer them all. The only problem is that you will need a pencil, and you might need an eraser and a red pen (I check for mistakes and correct them in red colour – it makes my learning process much quicker that correcting in blue, black or pencil!)
C6pfWD on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

No more keeping you waiting. Here they are:

New Practical Chinese Reader 1.9.1 (book 1, lesson 9, part 1)
NPCR 1.9.1 vocabulary
NPCR 1.9.1 writing (via Hanlexon Chinese)
NPCR 1.9.1 vocab test

I hope this will be helpful. I decided to learn 10 new words a day which means, that I will probably publish new worksheets (almost) every day.

If you have any suggestions – I’d love to hear about that! That might help me with my Chinese 🙂


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