Chinese to go – let’s finish lesson 10!

After a short and unplanned holiday I’m back on my Chinese track. Right now I’m staying in Krakow, taking care of two beautiful and crazy cats. The place is wonderful, the cat’s drive ME crazy and I don’t have a printer. But I hope to find some printing shop tomorrow.

So now you can be ahead of me with practicing lesson 10.5 and reviewing all the vocabulary with the review sheets 🙂

NPCR 1.10.5 vocabulary
NPCR 1.10.5 writing (via Hanlexon Chinese)
NPCR 1.10.5 vocab test

NPCR 1.10 word test
NPCR 1.10 word review

Oh, and I found a great site: the list of the most common Chinese characters in order of frequency. If you’re not sure whether it’s worth learning a word, this is the place to go (and check!).


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