I know that’s nothing much…

but I have just finished lesson 11.

My word review (Chinese to pinyin and English) gave me 48 points out of 50.
The test sheet (English to pinyin and Chinese) was a little worse :/ 40 out of 50 were entirely correct.

I’m getting excited because I’m getting closer and closer to my milestone – finishing book 1 of the New Practical Chinese Reader. What next? The big step! I am going to TALK!

I am very afraid. I suppose nobody would understand me. And as I intend to talk with people via Skype it won’t be any easier! Because those people are going to be English learners :)) I hope I’ll manage to find a person with quite good English to begin with. Otherwise it might get messy…

Of course I am going to continue with NPCR. I am already looking for volume 2 in the Warsaw bookshops. I hope I’ll find it soon.

To be honest, I can’t wait. It’s always sooo rewarding to go past your milestone and watch it disappear in the distance behind you. But, getticng back to reality, you can expect materials for lesson 12 tomorrow.



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