Chinese to go – NPCR lesson 12 – whole package

Here is all that I use to master lesson 12 (apart from Skritter that I’ll never stop recommending, as long as you can afford a graphic tablet. Otherwise – don’t try it with your mouse. It just ended poorly for my right hand:/)

NPCR 1.12.1 vocab test
NPCR 1.12.1 writing
NPCR 1.12.1 vocab test

NPCR 1.12.2 vocabulary
NPCR 1.12.2 writing
NPCR 1.12.2 vocab test

NPCR 1.12.3 vocabulary
NPCR 1.12.3 writing
NPCR 1.12.3 vocab test

NPCR 1.12.4 vocabulary
NPCR 1.12.4 writing
NPCR 1.12.4 vocab test

NPCR 1.12.5 vocabulary
NPCR 1.12.5 writing
NPCR 1.12.5 vocab test

NPCR 1.12 word review

NPCR 1.12 word test

As soon as I get tired of learning new words I’ll try to write a line or two about the one child policy in China. It’s been criticized a lot in the last few years. So I am quite interested both in its history and origins, and in its possible future.


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