My progress?

I’ve completed the word review and word test (lesson 12) today with the following results: 45/49 word review and 47/49 word test!

That’s good! 🙂

Tomorrow I will publish the materials for lesson 13. (Update: work, work, work and family, family, family. I bet you all experience that from time to time 😉 The fact is that I will publish the materials for lesson 13 on Friday, the 29th of June. I’m sorry to keep you waiting!

In the meantime I am reviewing the old materials and that is exactly my recommendation for you. In two weeks we will finish book 1 and the BIG TEST will be unavoidable. Get ready! 🙂 )

And I just wanted to let you know that the previous post on the 1 child policy (One equals Five) was published by one of the popular Polish websites (in Polish of course :)). I’m glad that more people will learn about the policy and will be able to make their own mind about this aspect of life in China.


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