NPCR Lesson 13 – full package


As promised, I am now publishing the materials for lesson 13. All the time I did study some words. Well, I could have been more effective. And I should have! But there’s no mercy when it comes to earning a living. How’s that? 🙂

NPCR 1.13.1 vocabulary
NPCR 1.13.1 writing
NPCR 1.13.1 vocab test

NPCR 1.13.2 vocabulary
NPCR 1.13.2 writing
NPCR 1.13.2 vocab test

NPCR 1.13.3 vocabulary
NPCR 1.13.3 writing
NPCR 1.13.3 vocab test

NPCR 1.13.4 vocabulary
NPCR 1.13.4 writing
NPCR 1.13.4 vocab test

NPCR 1.13.5 vocabulary
NPCR 1.13.5 writing
NPCR 1.13.5 vocab test

NPCR 1.13 word review
NPCR 1.13 word test

As usual, all of the “writing” materials have been created at Hanlexon Chinese.

Chinese to go – NPCR lesson 11 – the whole package

Hi there! Sorry for not writing for a while. I am in Krakow. Life is very interesting when you come to a new city. I practise every day on Skritter but I’ve had a little less time to prepare the printable sheet.

But here they are, with one change. The “vocabulary” sheets will not include sentences for a while. I can’t speak Chinese and it’s been too stressful. And I don’t want to copy the phrases form the book. If you’re using these resources, you do have the book, so you can always use the dialogues. I hope I’ll come back to the sentences when my Chinese get’s better (or when I get a private teacher) 🙂

NPCR 1.11.1 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.1 writing
NPCR 1.11.1 vocab test

NPCR 1.11.2 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.2 writing
NPCR 1.11.2 vocab test

NPCR 1.11.3 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.3 writing
NPCR 1.11.3 vocab test

NPCR 1.11.4 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.4 writing
NPCR 1.11.4 vocab test

NPCR 1.11.5 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.5 writing

NPCR 1.11.5 vocab test

NPCR 1.11 word review
NPCR 1.11 word test

Writing sheets and the word review prepared at Hanlexon Chinese.

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Chinese to go – New Practical Chinese Reader

As I wrote previously I’m done with the radicals and decided to go back to my New Practical Chinese Reader book. Volume 1. Which I did, but it turned out that the book is not enough for me. Of course, I do have the CD and the workbook – and all of this is very useful. But that is not enough.

I am ambitious and I want to learn Chinese in 1 year!

So I need something more. The books are great gadgets, but when you want to use every possible moment of the day – they are useless. Heavy and big.

I decided to create daily sheets of 10 words a day, so that when I’m out of home I can always carry them with me and learn new words by heart. It took some time and some effort:

But finally I found a way to prepare a 10 word sheet with new vocabulary and sentences.
The sheet has to enable me to:

  • see only the Chinese signs
  • see only the pinyin
  • see only the English translation
  • see all 3 of them
  • see any given pair

Reaching this turned out to be quite easy. I just had to prepare the words in 3 columns. At the beginning I just read what’s on the sheet:

Then I fold the sheet – roughly where I drew the green lines. I get a very useful triangle:

I can put it on my desk, turn around and chceck my knowlegle. I can also unfold it whenever I want or need to do it and see all the 3 columns. But I can also fold it a bit more when I want to focus only on the vocabulary, or when I’m leaving home and I need something small:

What about writing? I learn best by writing new characters so I couldn’t have forgotten about this important aspect! I usually write at home in my huge notebook. But if you cannot do this at home and you don’t want to carry your notebook you need a special sheet. I found a great website that enables you to paste your own list of words and get a neat writing sheet. You can do this at their website: Hanlexon Chinese.

Want to test yourself? I have also prepared a vocabulary test sheet. 🙂 It’s easy to use, but in case you have any questions, I hope this slideshow will answer them all. The only problem is that you will need a pencil, and you might need an eraser and a red pen (I check for mistakes and correct them in red colour – it makes my learning process much quicker that correcting in blue, black or pencil!)
C6pfWD on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

No more keeping you waiting. Here they are:

New Practical Chinese Reader 1.9.1 (book 1, lesson 9, part 1)
NPCR 1.9.1 vocabulary
NPCR 1.9.1 writing (via Hanlexon Chinese)
NPCR 1.9.1 vocab test

I hope this will be helpful. I decided to learn 10 new words a day which means, that I will probably publish new worksheets (almost) every day.

If you have any suggestions – I’d love to hear about that! That might help me with my Chinese 🙂