Chinese to go – NPCR lesson 12 – whole package

Here is all that I use to master lesson 12 (apart from Skritter that I’ll never stop recommending, as long as you can afford a graphic tablet. Otherwise – don’t try it with your mouse. It just ended poorly for my right hand:/)

NPCR 1.12.1 vocab test
NPCR 1.12.1 writing
NPCR 1.12.1 vocab test

NPCR 1.12.2 vocabulary
NPCR 1.12.2 writing
NPCR 1.12.2 vocab test

NPCR 1.12.3 vocabulary
NPCR 1.12.3 writing
NPCR 1.12.3 vocab test

NPCR 1.12.4 vocabulary
NPCR 1.12.4 writing
NPCR 1.12.4 vocab test

NPCR 1.12.5 vocabulary
NPCR 1.12.5 writing
NPCR 1.12.5 vocab test

NPCR 1.12 word review

NPCR 1.12 word test

As soon as I get tired of learning new words I’ll try to write a line or two about the one child policy in China. It’s been criticized a lot in the last few years. So I am quite interested both in its history and origins, and in its possible future.

I know that’s nothing much…

but I have just finished lesson 11.

My word review (Chinese to pinyin and English) gave me 48 points out of 50.
The test sheet (English to pinyin and Chinese) was a little worse :/ 40 out of 50 were entirely correct.

I’m getting excited because I’m getting closer and closer to my milestone – finishing book 1 of the New Practical Chinese Reader. What next? The big step! I am going to TALK!

I am very afraid. I suppose nobody would understand me. And as I intend to talk with people via Skype it won’t be any easier! Because those people are going to be English learners :)) I hope I’ll manage to find a person with quite good English to begin with. Otherwise it might get messy…

Of course I am going to continue with NPCR. I am already looking for volume 2 in the Warsaw bookshops. I hope I’ll find it soon.

To be honest, I can’t wait. It’s always sooo rewarding to go past your milestone and watch it disappear in the distance behind you. But, getticng back to reality, you can expect materials for lesson 12 tomorrow.


Chinese to go – NPCR lesson 11 – the whole package

Hi there! Sorry for not writing for a while. I am in Krakow. Life is very interesting when you come to a new city. I practise every day on Skritter but I’ve had a little less time to prepare the printable sheet.

But here they are, with one change. The “vocabulary” sheets will not include sentences for a while. I can’t speak Chinese and it’s been too stressful. And I don’t want to copy the phrases form the book. If you’re using these resources, you do have the book, so you can always use the dialogues. I hope I’ll come back to the sentences when my Chinese get’s better (or when I get a private teacher) 🙂

NPCR 1.11.1 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.1 writing
NPCR 1.11.1 vocab test

NPCR 1.11.2 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.2 writing
NPCR 1.11.2 vocab test

NPCR 1.11.3 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.3 writing
NPCR 1.11.3 vocab test

NPCR 1.11.4 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.4 writing
NPCR 1.11.4 vocab test

NPCR 1.11.5 vocabulary
NPCR 1.11.5 writing

NPCR 1.11.5 vocab test

NPCR 1.11 word review
NPCR 1.11 word test

Writing sheets and the word review prepared at Hanlexon Chinese.

Chinese to go – let’s finish lesson 10!

After a short and unplanned holiday I’m back on my Chinese track. Right now I’m staying in Krakow, taking care of two beautiful and crazy cats. The place is wonderful, the cat’s drive ME crazy and I don’t have a printer. But I hope to find some printing shop tomorrow.

So now you can be ahead of me with practicing lesson 10.5 and reviewing all the vocabulary with the review sheets 🙂

NPCR 1.10.5 vocabulary
NPCR 1.10.5 writing (via Hanlexon Chinese)
NPCR 1.10.5 vocab test

NPCR 1.10 word test
NPCR 1.10 word review

Oh, and I found a great site: the list of the most common Chinese characters in order of frequency. If you’re not sure whether it’s worth learning a word, this is the place to go (and check!).

Chinese to go – NPCR 1.10.3 and 1.10.4

Two to go today 🙂

New Practical Chinese Reader book 1 lesson 10 part 3:
NPCR 1.10.3 vocabulary

NPCR 1.10.3 writing
(via Hanlexon Chinese)
NPCR 1.10.3 vocab test

New Practical Chinese Reader book 1 lesson 10 part 4:
NPCR 1.10.4 vocabulary
NPCR 1.10.4 writing (via Hanlexon Chinese)
NPCR 1.10.4 vocab test

Today I signed up at italki. It’s a great thing! People who learn languages can meet there – ask and answer questions, publish their texts in foreign languages and get them corrected by native speakers. There is “following” “messaging” and a chat (beta version). Everything is quite easy to grasp and there are hundreds of users so you get answers and corrections immediately. It’s great!

Chinese to go – NPCR 1.9.3

On Sunday (星期日) I presented you my portable 10-words-a-day sheets.
This is part 三 of lesson 九:

NPCR 1.9.3 vocabulary
NPCR 1.9.3 writing (via Hanlexon Chinese)
NPCR 1.9.3 vocab test

For tips on how to use it and for part 1 of lesson 9 visit this post: Chinese to go.

Chinese to go – NPCR 1.9.2

Yesterday I presented you my portable 10-words-a-day sheets.
I already know yesterday’s words by heart (preparing the sheets helped me ;)) and here in part two of NPCR book 1 lesson 9:

NPCR vocabulary 1.9.2
NPCR 1.9.2 writing (via Hanlexon Chinese)
NPCR 1.9.2 vocab test

On tips on how to use it and for part 1 of lesson 9 visit this post: Chinese to go.