Green is good

Ok. So I decided to finally show you how I use the Mandarin Poster website that I mentioned earlier. I only use the free resources. If you’re online and you’ve got a printer – nothing can stop you!

page 1

Here you can see my printout. I have an aim of memorizing 10 radicals a day. It’s not very easy, but not very difficult. I have 2 keys to this work.

1. I look for radicals that I have already seen somewhere and for those that are easy to remember. This happens mostly when the “picture” reminds me of its meaning. It is so with mouth, one, two, lid, scarf and many others.
2. I look for simple radicals that are components of other radicals.

This freedom of choice has its down sides, too. On the picture above you can see the first of 5 pages. Here is the 5th:

page 5

As you can see, the radicals are enlisted according to the number of strokes. Therefore the further you go, the more complicated the radicals get. But I don’t give up. I have already done some of the 5th-pagers, including animals: horse, fish and bird. Others are awaiting me!

And here is another list. Almost all of the radicals are included on 1 page. On the bottom right side you can find the pronunciation of all of them. The radicals are enlisted according to the number of strokes and, primarily, their popularity.

It is a very handy and useful tool to memorize words and it’s just 1 page so you can practically take it anywhere you go.I do take it everywhere and read it, scan it, practice the words on a bus, in a queue, whenever I have at least 1 minute of spare time.

I wish I could find ready lists of that kind with other groups of words. If I don’t find any I will probably create them!But maybe you know some?

Tomorrow I’m going to the lake district for several days. Keep your fingers crossed for my motivation and everyday Chinese lessons! At least an hour a day! I hope I’ll make it 🙂

Oh, and yesterday, as I strolled around Warsaw, I found out that the so called “Chinese alley” of the royal Lazienki park in Warsaw is being recunstructed. Wow! I saw a Chinese notice board in Poland’s most famous park. That was surprising! And just 5 minutes later, in the same park, I found these red lanterns:

These were definitely part of the preparations for the Chinese prime minister’s visit in Warsaw. I hope it went well and that Poland will have a lot of Chinese texts to understand 😉