Forced abortion – the worst face of China

In the last 2 day I have been wondering about the case of a forced abortion conducted in China on a woman 7 months pregnant. In fact, according to European standards, it was conducted on the woman and her child. As a 7-months-long pregnancy is no longer a child-to-be. It is a human being.

It is a known fact that China has the 1 child policy and that forced abortions do occur. But how strict can the law be when it comes to life? How strict should it be? Personally I am against forcing anyone to abortion. But taking into consideration the situation, the law, the culture etc. I can put myself in the governments position. But, and I want to stress this, to an extent.

Aborting a child is no longer an abortion. It is killing a person.

I such moments I keep wondering – should I continue learning Chinese? Do I really want to spend 6 months in that country? Should I translate from that language and facilitate its expansion? We can say – of course, they will change. But how long will it take? Never before did I think that learning a language can be political. Now I am sure that it can be so. I never intended to learn a language for political reasons but when I tell my friends about this passion and their response is about the forced abortion – my new hobby becomes political, whether I want it or not.

I love one thing – the rage that followed this ill-natured action in China. The Chinese people do not agree. I want to quote a person quoted by the China Daily Mail:

“This is what they say the Japanese devils and Nazis did. But it’s happening in reality and it is by no means the only case… They (the officials) should be executed.”


I don’t want them to be executed but I do want them do change.

The article: Forced Abortion… (China Daily Mail)


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